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The On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide Directory was designed to help promote Handmade Artisans World Wide! Our Site On Fire Gift Guide is your One Stop Source Online Shopping Directory Guide to strictly Handmade Shops! Every shop here is filled with beautiful, Unique Gift Ideas. True handcrafted treasures! Quality products, made with love! You will find Art, Bed and Bath, Decor, Fashions, Jewelry and Greeting Cards, just to name a few of the categories you will find here! We also have Handmade Craft and Pet Supplies too! Unusual Gift ideas you won’t find in any retail store!

Show off your shop and let us help buyers find you! It doesn’t matter where you sell.. just as long as you are a Handmade Shop! As a Vendor here you can add your Handmade products that link directly back to your online shop/site or you can sell direct from the Gift Guide if you don’t have an existing online shop/site. All for one low monthly fee  – Several packages available starting at $5 per month!

Store Front

You Get A  Store Front with your subscription – add your handmade creations that you want to promote and sell! Larger than life thumbnails for potential buyers to see.  See the Live Page HERE . No back end fees to worry about when you sell your item.  If you choose to close your shop simply email us via the contact page and we will close your store front for you.

Anyone can register on the Site – you will be assigned a customer account for the basic registration. If you wish to sell simply select the package you want via the Start Selling Page and purchase your package. Once purchased you will be directed to the Vendor Registration form. An account will be created for you and you can start filling up your shop.

There is a step by step guide on how to add products to your shop How to Add your Products.  If you are uncomfortable with adding your products or need help just contact us. We can help you get started!

All new products are placed in a queue for review. This is done to protect the integrity of our site. ONLY 100% Handmade items are allowed here! Once an item has been reviewed it will be published and added to your shop.

The shipping here for those who opt to sell direct are just 3 set options 1st class flat rate, Priority mail flat rate and Free Shipping. We do not at this time offer International. If you choose to sell internationally and your are selling direct you will need to invoice your customer via PayPal.

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you join us!  Take a minute to browse our site. You will see some wonderful shops and get to know how the On Fire Gift Guide works!

I am Anne Hopfer. The owner and designer that works behind the scenes here at On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide.

I live in St. George Utah with my husband of 20 years and our 2 children of the 4-legged variety.  George has encouraged me through this process and; although it has been a long, tough road, I am glad he did.

It is my sincerest goal to turn the Gift Guide into a successful place for Handmade Artisans to sell their creations.


I also have 2 shops here too! Helping Hands Banner Shop and Oaklie’s Fashions. Being a crafter myself I understand how hard it is to get found in cyber land and decided to create this site to help my fellow handmade artisans showcase their creations.


** The transaction between buyer and seller shall be considered a legally binding contract between those two parties. On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide shall not be held liable, nor will mediate or adjudicate the transaction or any resulting conflict between the two parties. The seller is responsible for the safe delivery of the sale item(s). The buyer will be responsible for paying for items purchased, in accordance with the policies and terms and conditions set forth by the seller. Buyers and sellers are responsible for all communication, specification or customization requests and communication.