On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide Shopping

What Can I list and sell on the Gift Guide?

On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide provides a marketplace for crafters, artisans, and artists  to sell their handmade creations.  This means that all the items you list in your shop for sale must be handcrafted or handmade by you and your shop to be listed here. We will not allow any items that are MASS PRODUCED, MANUFACTURED, or FACTORY MADE/ASSEMBLED.

Any item that does not meet this criterion will be removed at On Fire for Handmade’s discretion and the user’s account will be evaluated for possible termination. On Fire for Handmade reserves the right to review a user’s account at anytime and without notice. On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide  reserves the right to remove content which is deemed to be inappropriate or that could subject us to legal action.

Can I sell Supplies on the Gift Guide?

Only if they are Handmade
Only if you actually make the supplies with your own two hands. For example, if you make polymer clay beads yourself, you may list them.  You may not, under any circumstance purchase supplies from someone else and list them on this site as a handmade item.  Again, there are other venues where you can sell supplies – this site is strictly for Handmade items ONLY. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact page. Upcycled items or Refurbished items are permitted but it must state so in the product description.
We are super serious about creating a unique and successful marketplace for the Handmade Artisans.

What are the fees to open a shop on On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide?

We Charge a monthly fee only! No back end fees!

Your listings are redirected back to your shop – because we are set up as a directory at this time, we do not charge you if you sell and item. We are here to help promote your existing online shop. We will be offering sell direct in the near future. Watch for our announcement.

Several packages available! We will auto invoice you for your storefront based on the package you choose.

1 mos $5.00  2 mos $9.00  3 mos $12.50   6 mos $25.00  1 Year $50.00

** If you do not have an existing shop now you can sell direct through our site. Please contact us prior to payment and we will set you up to sell direct from here. You will need to be reviewed prior to setting up shop here. 

Can I cancel my shop?

You can close your shop at any time. Just contact us via the Contact Page and we will remove your shop/account upon request. Please be advised that if you cancel during your package time you will not be refunded. Your storefront will cancel at the end of your package time period.

Who Can Sell on On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide?

Only Handmade Artisans may sell on the  On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide

Services are only available to users who are 18 years of age or older and can legally create a binding contract between buyer and seller.   On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by non-commitment to this policy.



On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide Marketplace is your one stop source to strictly HANDMADE shops! Dismiss