Featured Shop For Paws and Home

Featured Shop For Paws and Home
Featured Shop of the Month – For Paws and Home. This month Carolyn Jenkins of For Paws and Home is in the Spotlight! You will find unique, handmade cat toys for endless hours of kitty heaven! These toys can be made for children too without the catnip of course or for decorating.

You will also find some Pet Fashion Accessories, pet beds and more in my shop here on the Gift Guide and my Etsy Shop!

Featured Shop of the Month

For Paws and Home Etsy Shop

Meet The Artist

Caolyn- Owner/Designer

“My love of animals and crafts has come together to create my shop For Paws and Home. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. It all started when my Grandmother used to sit and crochet beautiful pineapple doilies. I asked her to teach me and she said I was to young so I was handed the old potholder loom. We had enough potholders to make rugs with! I think she was tired of seeing potholders and graduated me to a skein of yarn and she started showing me the basics of crocheting which is still one of my favorite past times. My creations are mostly cat toys and love it when I hear my cat loves their toys from customers. My mind is thinking up creations faster than I can whip them up so my notebook is overflowing with ideas that will eventually hit the shop.

Animal Lover and CrafterDog Snood Made to Order

I have to credit my grandmother for who I am today. There was not the option of laying on the couch back then watching TV. If you wanted to eat and keep warm then you needed to get up early and get to work in the gardens, bringing in wood and coal, canning for the winter, taking care of the animals,going to school and church. It was hard work but I learned so much from her. In the spare time at night we worked on crocheting. She was always making beautiful lace pillow cases and doilies for gifts. Not to mention wonderful fudge that I have never found the recipe for but I keep surfing the net. I attend a lot of craft shows during the year with an assortment of crafts.

Pet Bed Hand CrochetedFor the Love of animals

As for the phrase for the love of animals; I am a huge animal lover. My dream is to have a large farm and rescue center but until then I can only send donations and donate
toys,beds and blankets I make in my down time to various rescues through out the year.
As you can see in the above pictures I grow my own catnip from tiny tiny seeds so I know there are no chemicals ever in contact with the plants.
Just a note about catnip- not all cats have a crazy reaction to it. Matter of fact, some cats and I have one don’t give it a second thought. The other goes nuts as soon as I open the baggie.”

For Paws and Home - Shop

For Paws and Home - Shop

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