How To Add Products

How To Add Products is a step by step on setting up your Profile and How to List your Products on the On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide. If you follow it you will easily be able to add your 1st few items then after that you will be a pro!

Login in to access your account via the MY ACCOUNT tab or the box at the bottom of the home page


Adding Products

From the Vendor Dashboard you can now click on Add New Product. When you click on the Add Product This will open a new window – you will add your product title, category, description, tags..  etc.  PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ADD NEW CATEGORIES.. If you would like one added contact admin via the contact page and I will add one for you. Thank you.

Linking your Product to your Shop

The next section is to link your product back to your shop

Linking your product on the gift guide back to your shop item is done in the Product Data box you will see simple product now – click on the drop down menu arrow and select External/Affiliate Product now you will add the link to your item and the price.

You only need to fill in these 2 sections (below) as this will allow potential buyers to go directly to your shop to purchase this item.

Product Data Box2










Featured Image Section 

The Next Step is to upload your featured image… that box is on the right side of the page.  Click on the Set Featured Image link. That will open a new window.  This window you will want to click on the Upload Tab and then Select Files button… this will open a window that will enable you to select the item from your computer. Admin will add the image description

Featured Image 2

when you click on the Set Featured Image a new screen will appear here you will select to upload file to upload your product image. Please be sure you have a title on your image.. if you don’t name your saved file it appears as the camera name or numeric name.. for example if you are listing a Red Knit Sweater.. be sure you have saved your image on your computer as Red Knit Sweater before you upload it to your listing here.


Once you have uploaded it you will then see the media library and your photo will be the 1st one.. make sure if have clicked on it to put the check mark in the box  and then click on the blue Set Featured Image!

Setting Featured Imagewhen you select your image on your computer and click on the open this will add your image to the media library and a new window will open. Your image will have a highlighted square and check mark to the right is where you add your Image Title… add your Title then click on the Set Featured Image Button

Submit for Review

Submit product for reviewNow you are ready to submit for review. We hold products for review to ensure that all is complete prior to publishing and most importantly to protect the integrity of our site. We want to be absolutely sure they are handmade items.

**Please note.. you will not be able to select your name in the vendor box.. That will be done during the review process and any adjustments that need to be made will be made by admin

Once you have been with us for awhile you will no longer need to submit for review.. you will be able to publish immediately.

If you need help be sure to contact me via the contact us page.

Once you have been with us a bit your status will be changed so you can publish immediately. I will still review and edit if necessary for SEO etc but it will be published and viewable when you submit initially.


PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ADD NEW CATEGORIES.. If you would like one added contact admin to do so. Thank you.


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