Vendors Notes

Vendors Notes

As A Vendor here at the On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide you control your Store Front. All items are should be set up as external links that redirect potential buyers back to your online Shop. You don’t have to worry about setting up shipping or taxes as they will be purchasing from your shop where that is already set up! If you wish to sell direct please visit the How to Add your Products page for details on how that works.

It is your responsibility as a vendor to keep your Store Front Current. If an item was on sale and the sale has ended you will need to be sure to change the info here.

Please do not add new categories…. contact me and I will create one for you – thanks!

The Gift Guide Directory is providing you with the means to list your items to help you get found. So be sure that your Store Front is up to date and current!

Vendor DashboardAs a vendor when you log in you will be able to view your dashboard – here is where you will manage your shop, profile and products.

The Sections you will use are:



If you click on products all of your active product listing will be visible to you. You can edit them.. put them on sale, etc. The detailed how to add a product is here

If you click on your Profile Section you will fill out all the information there to tell us about you.  The detailed how to page is here

Because we are a directory we use the external listing to redirect back to your current online shop. However you can sell direct if you choose now. Be advised that shipping is limited to flat rate pricing for all. You will also be charged a Selling Fee of 4% if you choose this option.

If you have any questions – please feel free to contact us.


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