Watercolor Art

Watercolor Art that is beautifully done can be found here. Paintings  to jazz up any room in your home. All hand painted by some very talented artists! Take a minute to browse through our shops. You will also find prints of watercolor paintings and artwork here.

Definition: This form of art was Invented by William Reeves in 1780. Artists’ paint made with a water-soluble binder such as gum arabic, and thinned with water rather than oil, giving a transparent color. Initially, artists ground their own colors from natural pigments, or else bought paint in liquid form. In the last two decades of the eighteenth century, however, artists could purchase small, hard cakes of soluble watercolor. Invented by William Reeves in 1780.

    • a picture painted with watercolors.
    • the art of painting with watercolors, especially using a technique of producing paler colors by diluting rather than by adding white.

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Watercolor Art

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