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Aunt Mayme’s Attic where vintage linens find new life in modern and functional items. My Shop name came as a result of my desire to keep vintage embroidered linens out of the landfills.  Many items like this I found during the summers I spent as a child visiting maternal relatives, so many years ago. Aunt Mayme, (“May-me”) my oldest aunt, lived in an old farmhouse with a walk in attic. This home contained several assorted pieces of furniture, glassware, and most especially trunks that held clothing and other personal items, such as photographs.

I’ve always been a lover and sewer of vintage linens, ever since my Aunt Mayme let me play in her farmhouse trunk. When I saw them stashed away, I was saddened because they weren’t getting used. My shop is about bringing those linens out of our “trunks” and using them in modern and functional ways.

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Aunt Maymes Attic Vintage Linens meet Modern Design

1970s Retro Style Apron Kitchen



  • Primary color: Blue  Secondary color: Blue
  • Materials: cotton linen, upcycled vintage dresser scarf & fabric

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This 1970s Retro Style Apron will stake you back to the past! Blue retro vintage cotton fabric from the 1970’s and a vintage dresser scarf make up this cute apron. Vintage embroidery on the front, full size. Lovely apron for someone special. Apron is about a size 12-14.

Stay stylish and protect your clothes with this fun Kitchen Accessory! Treat yourself or gift to family or friends!

1970s Retro Style Apron

~~Actual measurements:~~
★ End of one tie to the other end: 60″ (152 cm)
★ Neck drop (from top of bib to neck strap): 12-1/2″ (32 cm)
★ Full vertical coverage: 36″ (91 cm)
★ Waist to hem: 21″ (53 cm)
★ Widest part of bib: 11″ (28 cm)

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Beth Pierce – Owner/Designer

Hand embroidered vintage linens have been a love of mine ever since I was a child and rummaged through an old trunk found in my Aunt Mayme’s (“May-Mee”s) attic. While perusing the pillowcases, tea towels, and dresser scarves that my aunt, and possibly my deceased grandmother worked, I came to the conclusion that they would never be locked away if I had them.

Although my ability to hand embroider is long since gone, it’s my love of vintage linens I want to share with you in Aunt Mayme’s Attic. Vintage linens are upcycled into modern and functional items, thereby bringing the past to the present and allowing the beauty of the handwork to shine through.

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