Helping Hands Banner Shop

Helping Hands Banner Shop

Custom Made Banner Super Saver Set


Pictured here is a sample of what you can receive. The images here are from previous, satisfied customers!

  1.  Shop Banner    Sale Banner   On Vacation Banner
  2.  Matching Avatar
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This Banner Super Saver Set is a Custom Banner Set that includes a custom Shop Banner and matching Avatar along with 1  Vacation Banner and 1 Sale Banner. All 3 banners created to be matching.

Custom Banner Super Saver Set

  1.  Shop Banner
  2.  Sale Banner
  3.  On Vacation Banner
  4.  Matching Avatar

If you want your 2 additional banners to say something else just email me at time of purchase. Your Banner and Avatar are custom designed to your style, colors!

I contact you via email to begin your design process after your purchase to gather information on style, colors, etc. that you want for your design. I then create several samples for you to choose from.

***Note:  banners pictured here are not the actual sets you will receive.

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Anne Hopfer – Owner/Designer

My name is Anne Hopfer and I live in Utah. I have always loved to knit and crochet and in 2008 decided to take the plunge and sell my creations. When I am not knitting or crocheting I am in the garden with my flowers.  This is another passion of mine along with playing piano, interior design…. well I guess you can say anything to do with DIY! I live with my husband of 20 years and my 2 4-legged “Fur babies”. I thoroughly enjoy life and try to live it to it’s fullest!

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Helping Hands Banner Shop

Helping Hands Banner Shop offer custom and pre-designed banners to help your shop look its very best. Get a custom look and feel to your shop, website, blog… create a brand that best represents you and your style! All work is done to your specifications.

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