Grey Futuristic Paper Bead Ring


  • Materials:
    • old dictonary pages, flyers, contemporary magazines, metal ring band

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By: Leftys Handcrafts


Grey Futuristic Paper Bead Ring made with Contemporary magazines and flyers. I selected blue, grey and white tones to make it resemble what an alien sea coral maybe looks like!
Very comfy and light.  You will enjoy wearing it. It’s a very unique eye catching piece of jewelry. Matches any and all outfits. The metal band is made with pages from an old dictionary in it’s natural color.

Grey Futuristic Paper Bead Ring


  • Handmade item
  • Materials:
    • old dictonary pages, flyers, contemporary magazines, metal ring band
  • Ships worldwide from United States

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Eleftheria – Owner/Designer

Hi! I’m Eleftheria aka Lefty a nickname friends and relatives gave me and no I’m not left handed. I was born in Athens, Greece, grew up in Piraeus, studied business administration of tourism in Patras and in 2007 after I took some book binding seminars, I opened a little workshop (Lefty’s Handcrafts) making handmade menus for restaurants and hotels, wedding albums and all kinds of decorations, mostly custom orders.
Since then I’ve been involved in many creating projects such as decorative installations in different functions, organizing weddings etc. About three years ago I started making paper jewelry, paper was always at the center of my creations. I love working with so called “humble” materials. My moto is: Your trash is my treasure! It gives me a great satisfaction to give a new life to old and forgotten things. Around a year later I discovered Etsy. It’s a great school for self-taught sellers. Late 2015, about a year and a half ago, I moved to the USA with my husband. So now I’m making a new beginning in beautiful Florida. Wish me luck!!!