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It is my privilege and passion to be able to work with the beautiful and elegant suri alpaca and the wonderful natural fiber they produce. The alpacas are not harmed in any way and sheared only once a year. They are loved and cared for with quality hay and daily attention.

The fiber of the suri alpaca is compared to fine cashmere with the luster of silk. Suri fiber is used for high fashion fabric for designer clothing, luxury apparel, coats, sweaters and specialty interior fabrics and textiles. Suri alpaca is an ancient fiber prized for a combination of elegant traits: Luster, drape, softness, multiple natural colors, ease of dyeing and versatility. Both knitting and weaving can be used to produce luxury products.

I have a herd of suri alpacas. I use the fiber they produce each year and turn it into wearable fashions. I also hand spin the suri locks into yarn and make roving for spinners as well as do all my own dying.

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Hand Dyed Ombre Purple Alpaca Scarf


Scarf Won 1st Place in the Great Finds Contest!!

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Hand Dyed Ombre Purple Alpaca Scarf is stunning! If you love purple you will love this scarf! I knit this scarf in a beautiful lace design from Suri alpaca lace weight yarn from our alpaca Sonic, that we raise and shear here on the farm. After shearing I send the fleece to a mill to be made into lace weight yarn. The yarn for this scarf made using 90% suri with 10% polwarth wool top. This has beautiful shades of purple that gradually changes from dark purple at one end fading into lighter shade near the other end, hand painted using gentle dyes and rinsed well and finished with Unicorn Fiber Rinse.

Hand Dyed Ombre Purple Alpaca Scarf


  • Handmade item
  • Primary color: Purple
  • Materials:
    • suri alpaca, polwarth
  • Ships worldwide from United States

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Connie Blechle – Owner/Designer

I have always loved animals, so after the kids left home I found the love of the the suri alpaca. I care for the alpacas and my fur kids (dogs) on a daily basis. I work with the alpacas in such a way as to make them as gentle as possible. I truly love working with the animals and the fiber they produce.

You will find many items that I create from the lovely suri alpaca they produce. I gently hand wash the fiber before I make my items. I then wash again when finished to be sure they are fresh and clean using gentle wool wash.