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RSS Designs in Fibers offers a Variety of Personal Accessories and Decor Accents that are 100% Handmade! Crochet, Knitting, Sewing … Hats, Scarves, Arm warmers, Bags, Pouches and Crocheted Jewelry including Chokers, Key Chains, Necklaces, Cuffs, Pendants just to name a few of the items I carry. I also have Fine Thread Crochet products! ALL my handmade items are Inspired by Nature!!Everything in my Shop, is 100% Handmade by Ruth Sandra Sperling! Combined Shipping is available -If you want several of my Handmade Items, I will combine them into one package to Ship – even if they are from different shops – and will give the Customer a discount on all the shipping by refund. You can visit my Etsy Shop or Bonanza Shop to see all my creations! I am Ruth Sandra Sperling – also known as “RSS Designs In Fiber”.
I network with people on Google PlusFacebook,  Twitter, and a personal blog, which is sort of a journal of things I want to share with the world – including a lot about my own Handmade – and some about others!

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Irish Crochet Roses Key Chain


Irish Roses Key Chain with Irish Crochet Red Roses and Green Leaves on a Crocheted Cord attached to Key Ring and Hook – Handmade by RSS Designs In Fiber!

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Handmade Irish Crochet Roses Key Chain that has Red Roses and Green Leaves made in the Irish Crochet technique.  There is a Crocheted Key Chain from the Roses and Leaves to the Key Ring and Hook.

RSS Designs In Fiber crocheted this Key Chain with 2 Irish Crochet Multi-layer Roses and 3 Irish Crochet Leaves.   See the descriptions and Closeup Photo below.

  • Each Burgundy Red 3D Rose is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
  • The 2 larger Green Leaves are 3 inches long, while the smaller leaf is 2 3/4 inches long.

The 8 Inch Long Green Braided Crochet Cord is tightly crocheted in a braid stitch. This crocheted cord is 4 inches from the leaves to the key ring.

Irish Crochet Roses Key Chain

I totally enjoy crocheting Irish Crochet Flowers and Leaves!

I think they make a great little Colorful Key Chain to carry around with you and should be easy to find in a:

  • Purse – or
  • Knapsack – or
  • Briefcase!!


RSS Designs In Fiber crocheted this Key Chain with strong, colorfast cotton crochet thread, which should therefore hold up to use and is easily hand-washable:

  1. DMC Traditions Cotton Crochet Thread, Size 10 in Burgundy Red
  2. DMC Baroque Cotton Crochet Thread, Size 10 in Christmas Green

WASHABLE – I recommend Hand Washing in cool water in mild liquid detergent (no bleach) and air drying – pin out to shape if desired.

Read “My RSS Designs In Fiber Blog” for more information, Photos and Videos about my Handmade!

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Ruth Sandra Sperling – Owner/Designer

Hi! I’m Ruth Sandra Sperling – the “RSS” in RSS Designs In Fiber, an Independent who Crochets, Knits and Sews and sells some of the Finished Products – some of which you will see here in my Etsy Shop!

How did it start? Actually, I had been Crocheting since my Teens – drawing and doing other Arts and Crafts since I was a Toddler. In 2001 I had started spending a bunch of time Crocheting all kinds of things: an Afghan, a Sweater – and kept doing more in 2002: a Mat, a Bag, a Lap Blanket, a Stuffed Egg, a Stuffed Pillow, Hats and Scarves, a Stuffed Giraffe, a children’s outfit – some of patterns I had and some I made up on my own!

A Passion for Fiber Arts

Then, for the Winter Holidays of 2002, I participated in a local Holiday Boutique – and had some Hats and Scarves on consignment in a local store. I found out that some people like buying things I made. Then I was asked if I would crochet some Thread Crochet Doilies to sell locally – and some of them sold and some people wanted Custom-made Thread Crochet items — and my little Handmade Craft Business started – and has been going ever since!

I NOW make a variety of things!! In Thread Crochet, I make all kinds of things from small Trinkets (Coasters and other Decorations) to average-sized Doilies to large Centerpieces and Table Runners – even a Tablecloth – mostly Decor, but also some Personal Accessories or Things To Wear. In Yarn, I both Crochet and Knit: Decor, Personal Accessories, Hats and Scarves, Bags (including Laptop Sleeves).

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