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Katie Orange Brooch Pin


Brooch  ships to you in a delightful leopard gift box.

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Katie Orange Brooch Pin is a stunning piece! I love the lone copper edged boomerang earring I used in this “orange you terrific” collage pin. I added enamel and plastic pieces parts and an odd square earring with red wooden beads. The dangle is an orphan rhinestone and peach pearl earring. Perfect birthday gift for Mom.
I call this one Katie
Okay, next is my same little passage I insert in all my brooch listings. If you’ve read it before you may stop here!

Vintage Brooch Company pins are handmade from vintage and unique jewelry creating “one of a kind” pieces of wearable art. I incorporate vintage parts, along with new unique components, and give them a second chance to adorn and shine.  The brooch measures approximately 2.5 by 1.75 inches. All brooches are signed on the back with a stamped signature of the artist, Mary.

Katie Orange Brooch Pin

My unique pins are great for professionals or sales persons, due to the attention and comments they generate. The pin backs include a bail so that these wonderful pieces can be worn as pendants if so desired. They look stunning on a velvet ribbon. Most pins feature a “dangle” as a unique signature of my work. My brooches look great on all attire… from denim to that special little black dress. The brooch will come shipped to you in a delightful leopard gift box. Vintage Brooch Company pieces are one of a kind gifts for anyone who deserves a little extra sparkle in her life.

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Mary McKinley – Owner/Designer

My name is Mary and I am The Vintage Brooch Company. I started creating paper collage art back in 1970. Back then I used sheet music, record covers, wine bottle labels, original peace and love signs and smiley faces. Over the years it evolved to vintage jewelry and collage pins. I have been able to combine my love of vintage items, rhinestones, and jewelry with my talent for design and create pins with vintage soul and a touch of modern day “bling”. My pins / pendants are made from vintage and unique jewelry. They are one of a kind, original and bold. I use discarded vintage rhinestone jewelry parts, giving them another opportunity to adorn and charm, and add new unique components that complement and enhance the design.

The Vintage Brooch Co.

I love to create collage Brooches and Pendants from vintage jewelry. I insert a little bit of new to add modern day bling to pieces with vintage soul. Buy handmade! Recycle, re-purpose, reinvent….. give vintage pieces a second chance.

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