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Red Winter Hat Made-To-Order



  • Handmade Made-To-Order Crochet Wine Red Winter Hat
  • Materials: Red Heart Light and Lofty Yarn in Wine

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Wine Red Winter Hat — A Custom, Made-To-Order Winter Hat with a Ribbed Cuff in a Wine Red Chunky Boucle Yarn – the Customer has the choice of Size.  There is a Selection of Adult Sizes to choose from:

  • 20 Inches Around
  • 21 Inches Around
  • 22 Inches Around
  • 23 Inches Around
  • 24 Inches Around
  • 25 Inches Around

This is very Soft and Comfortable to wear!!

Wine Red Winter Hat

Hand-Crocheted with a Ribbed Cuff that can be folded Up as in this Photo. There is no seam for comfort.

This Style of Hat is very often called a “Crochet Beanie” (1st Photo)


But you can also wear it with the Ribbed Cuff Down (unfolded), and then it is more like a Crocheted Cloche low on the forehead. (2nd Photo)

If someone wants it in another Color or Yarn, the Customer needs to email me with their request for a different listing.

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Ruth Sandra Sperling – Owner/Designer

Hi! I’m Ruth Sandra Sperling – the “RSS” in RSS Designs In Fiber, an Independent who Crochets, Knits and Sews and sells some of the Finished Products – some of which you will see here in my Etsy Shop!

How did it start? Actually, I had been Crocheting since my Teens – drawing and doing other Arts and Crafts since I was a Toddler. In 2001 I had started spending a bunch of time Crocheting all kinds of things: an Afghan, a Sweater – and kept doing more in 2002: a Mat, a Bag, a Lap Blanket, a Stuffed Egg, a Stuffed Pillow, Hats and Scarves, a Stuffed Giraffe, a children’s outfit – some of patterns I had and some I made up on my own!

A Passion for Fiber Arts

Then, for the Winter Holidays of 2002, I participated in a local Holiday Boutique – and had some Hats and Scarves on consignment in a local store. I found out that some people like buying things I made. Then I was asked if I would crochet some Thread Crochet Doilies to sell locally – and some of them sold and some people wanted Custom-made Thread Crochet items — and my little Handmade Craft Business started – and has been going ever since!

I NOW make a variety of things!! In Thread Crochet, I make all kinds of things from small Trinkets (Coasters and other Decorations) to average-sized Doilies to large Centerpieces and Table Runners – even a Tablecloth – mostly Decor, but also some Personal Accessories or Things To Wear. In Yarn, I both Crochet and Knit: Decor, Personal Accessories, Hats and Scarves, Bags (including Laptop Sleeves).

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