At 3SistersCollections you will find personalized hand stamped and lariat style jewelry. Modern jewelry creations at affordable prices. There is something for everyone. I create personalized hand stamped jewelry. Everything is customized to what the customer is looking for. Personalized creations for family, sports, and dog tags as well! All my jewelry can be necklaces, key rings, dog tags or personalized bracelets and more!

My turnaround time is approximated 2 days. I love my business because it gives me a chance to be creative and I also get to make a very very special gift that will be treasured for a long time for the recipient of my jewelry. I am a mom of 3 beautiful girls and they love watching me make my jewelry!

Return to My Shop here or visit 3 Sisters Collections on Etsy to see more of my handmade creations available for purchase!!

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