Jonquil Junction

At JonquilJunction I wanted to connect crafters and customers .
My husband and I have both tried various crafting projects and venues over our 30+ years of living here , but the remoteness of our location prevented us from having our items seen by many potential customers’ . Even though we love the simpler life we live here in the remote Ozark mountains, we needed a way to show our handcrafted items to a wider range of people so we are thankful (sometimes) that the invasion of the internet has allowed us to share our products with folks far and wide . Our products are as varied as the weather in these hills:

My husband makes the Hand-hammered copper jewelry. After years of experience with precise woodworking and working with the springs, gears, and metals in his clock-making business, When a customer asked him to make a copper chain for a pocket watch, he used his knowledge of “work hardening” metal to design and craft a chain for the watch. That experience soon led to a line of copper jewelry, with a focus on earrings. He designs each piece in his head first then makes an individual ‘jig’ to bend and hammer the piece into the shape he desires. This time consuming process results in a unique and beautiful piece that you will never see in a mass-produced jewelry store.
All parts of his jewelry/earrings, except the ear-wire, are handmade and hammered, from the hammered body of the earring, necklace or bracelet right down to each individual , intricate and tiny piece .

Our daughter helps us with the internet side of the business as well as making all the hand-sewn items we offer- from the Handmade biscuit and rag baby quilts, denim rag purses, aprons, notebook covers, embroidered tea towels and more, she’s always trying something new.

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