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Magdalene Jewels

Magdalene Jewels Featured Shop of the Month

Magdalene Jewels is our featured shop of the Month for January here at On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide Marketplace! Pamela Baker is the owner designer! At Magdalene Jewels you will find beautiful, OOAK jewelry designs. All items designed and created by me. My Shop consists of Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings. I primarily use Swarovski Crystals in many of my pieces. I also design my pieces using  Gemstones, Lampwork Beads and new newest items. Custom orders always welcome. Please feel free to ask. Must have treasures for every jewelry box!

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry


For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in various crafts.

After crocheting for many years (since I was 13), I recently started designing OOAK jewelry  pieces, always learning new techniques as I continue. With all that one will learn that my main passion is writing, as my Blogs will attest to. As a lifelong resident of NY, a lot of the colors in my work are the result of the beautiful colors that each Season brings. Right now my Shop’s feature many items with the colors of a NY Autumn.

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Pamela Baker  – Owner/Designer

I have always loved doing something creative, whether knitting, crocheting, embroidering, quilting, painting, and for the past few years I started designing my own jewelry. Each piece in my Shop, whether a Necklace, Bracelet or pair of Earrings is created and designed by myself; it has and still is a learning process as designs are always changing.
Please stop by my other Shop, “MagdaleneKnits” which consists of handmade Crocheted & Knitted Baby & AduIt items.

I imagine my creative process evolves from my own personality, what one would term “my very vivid imagination”. In my “Jewelry” shop, often I will see a beautiful color crystal, which in the light can reflect so many possibilities, from there my creativity begins. As you can see from most of my pieces, I am one who is truly a romantic and love the feminine aspect of my being.


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